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Rotator cuff injury Surgery in india

Rotator Cuff Injury Overview Surgery in india

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A Rotator Cuff Injury is an injury to one or more of the four muscles in the shoulder. This shoulder injury may come on suddenly and be associated with a specific injury such as a fall (acute), or it may be something that gets progressively worse over time with activity that aggravates the muscle (chronic). Occasionally, even a simple act like rolling over in bed can result in a rotator cuff injury.

The type of injury can range from an inflammation of the muscle without any permanent damage, such as tendinitis, to a complete or partial tear of the muscle that might require surgery to fix it.

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When should I seek medical attention for my Rotator Cuff Injury ?

Seek Medical Attention If:

  • The pain persists for more than 2-3 days
  • You are unable to work due to the pain/limitations
  • You are unable to reach up or to the side with the affected arm after 2-3 days
  • You are unable to move the shoulder and arm at all
  • For any acute injury where you are unable to move the injured shoulder as well as the uninjured shoulder

What should I expect when I visit a healthcare professional with a possible Rotator Cuff problem ?

  • A detailed history of your general health, past problems and injuries, and what happened to cause this injury will be taken
  • Both shoulders will be looked at and compared (you will need to partially undress for this) both visually and using palpation (feeling)
  • Your neck, elbows and wrists will be checked to make sure they are not contributing to the problem
  • Range of movement will be assessed, you’ll be asked to do certain movements and the clinician will observe and ask you to report any pain (but will not be done if a fracture is suspected)
  • Passive range of movement will be assessed – you will be asked to lie on a couch while the clinician moves your shoulder (but will not be done if a fracture is suspected)
  • Sensation and strength in the arm will be assessed
  • Some specific tests will be done which can help to identify which tendon is causing the problem and confirm if it is a rotator cuff tear, or due to inflammation or some other cause.
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Rotator cuff tears are tears of one, or more, of the four tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. A rotator cuff injury can include any type of irritation or damage to your rotator cuff muscles or tendons.

Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms Surgery in india

The most common symptom of a rotator cuff problem is pain. Patients usually complain of pain over the top of the shoulder and arm. In some patients, the pain can descend down the outside of the arm all the way to the elbow.

The other common symptom of a rotator cuff tear is weakness of the shoulder. Weakness causes difficulty lifting the arm up overhead or difficulty with activities such as reaching, getting dressed, or carrying objects.

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