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Patient Story

Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Medical Tourism in India

India Medical Tourism, Price Medical Tourism Bangalore India, Medical Health, Tourism, Health Tourism India, India is a perfect destination for medical tourism that combines health treatment with visits to some of the most alluring and awe-inspiring places of the world. A growing number of tourists are flocking in large numbers because of the superlative medical care, equipments and facilities that India offers. India excels in providing quality and cheap health care services to overseas tourists. The field has such lucrative potential that it can become a $2.3 billion business by 2012, states a study by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In 2004, some 150,000 foreigners visited India for treatment, and the numbers have been rising by 15 per cent each year.

India is in the process of becoming the "Global Health Destination" owing to the following advantages: The cost of medical services in India is almost 30% lower to that in Western countries and the cheapest in South-east Asia.

Language is a major comfort factor that invites so many foreign tourists to visit India for medical and health tourism. India has a large populace of good English speaking doctors, guides and medical staff. This makes it easier for foreigners to relate well to Indian doctors.

Indian hospitals excel in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacements, transplants, cosmetic treatments, dental care, Orthopaedic surgery and more.

The medical services in India include full body pathology, comprehensive physical and gynecological examinations, audiometry, spirometry, Chest X-ray, 12 lead ECG, 2D echo Colour Doppler, gold standard DXA bone densitometry, body fat analysis, coronary risk markers, cancer risk markers, high strength MRI etc.

All medical treatments and investigations are done using the latest, technologically advanced diagnostic equipments.

Indian doctors have got an expertise in performing successful cardiac surgeries, bone marrow transplants, liver transplants, orthopaedic surgeries and other medical treatments. The cost of Infertility treatments in India is almost 1/4th of that in developed nations. The availability of modern assisted reproductive techniques, such as IVF, and a full range of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services have made India the first choice for infertility treatments.

Medical tourism in India

Popular For: Alternative Medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery, hip replacement.

India is a global leader in medical tourism, and one of the world's least expensive choices among medical tourism destinations. Focusing on heart surgery, India also attracts patients with high quality dental care, Ayurvedic spa treatments and other medical and alternative treatments. Medical facilities at India's leading private hospitals are excellent and state-of-the-art. Despite the country's reputation for poverty and poor hygiene, the value for money offered here draws thousands of patients each year. Many visitors complement treatments with a stay at an ashram where they can learn how to meditate or practice yoga from experts in these ancient traditions.

Pros : - The medical cost savings of having operations and treatments in India are among the best in the world, with fees between a third and 10 percent of the equivalent procedure in the US. Many doctors are trained abroad and hospitals attracting international patients are on a par with those in the west with all staff being proficient in English. In addition, India has many appealing options for recovery with costs for accommodation typically low. The Indian health and medical industry is large and boasts some well developed infrastructure, particularly in big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, which support the wealthy classes.

medical tourism in india
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Cons : - Although India has a rich legacy of cultural sites that attract tourists, it is not practical to enjoy some of these sites while recovering. If you do venture out of a sterile hospital environment expect to be exposed to bacteria that may cause a stomach upset or worse. India gets extremely hot in the summer months, with temperatures reaching 400C at times. During the monsoons, water-borne diseases become a problem too, so choosing a good time to visit is essential.

Why Medical tourism in India

India actively promotes medical tourism and has many world-class hospitals. Several professional outfits offer medical tourism packages which include hospital choices, consultation, recovery plans and tourism tours, even personal minders for the frail. Popular procedures include heart surgery, hip replacements and laser eye surgery.

Cosmetic surgery in India

India offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, attracting foreign patients with affordable treatments. Mumbai has the largest panel of cosmetic surgeons in India and is a popular place for full body makeovers including facelifts. The country is known for its good results at a nominal cost in the sphere of plastic surgery.

Dental tourism in India

India is well known as a popular destination for dental procedures. Dental work in India typically costs just a third of dental treatment in the US, with sometimes as much as an 80 percent saving for common treatments such as laser tooth whitening. Advanced technology and first-class treatment makes India a strong competitor against Thailand in the field of dental care.

Alternative medicine in India

India is also known for its ashrams and retreat centers that offer plenty of new age pursuits and ancient practices such as meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic treatments and more. Many of these practices originated in India, and experts that can otherwise be hard to find in other countries are widely available here.

Health Tourism in India

India is popular for its Ayurvedic spa treatments that allegedly heal the mind and body, as well as its spa resorts which typically offer meditation and yoga, two practices in which Indians excel. Spas are scattered across the country with Ayurvedic spas concentrated in the south of India.

medical tourism in india
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Medical Surgery in India

Medical infrastructure in India is state-of-the-art, The greatest concentration of clinics is found in Chennai, with large hospitals also available in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi. This is an overview of the major hospitals in India catering to medical tourists and what you can expect for medical care and medical facilities.

Medical Travel in India

India is an enticing holiday destination, characterized by myriad cultural traditions and historical attractions spanning thousands of years. Traveling here to receive world-class medical care followed by a sightseeing holiday still costs significantly less than it would to undergo the same medical procedures in Europe or North America.

The Indian healthcare market is Rs. 15 billion and growing at over 30 % every year. Indian private hospitals are increasingly finding a mention in the travel itineraries of foreigners, with the trend of medical tourism catching up in the country. If industry estimates are to be believed, the size of the medical tourism industry stands at Rs 1,200 - Rs 1,500 crore (Rs. 12-15 billion).

At We Care India we strongly believe that India will find its rightful place as the Global Healthcare Destination of the world. We are constantly striving to enhance our infrastructure and facilities to offer our patients, the assurance of a world-class healthcare system that emphasizes safety and pushes the boundaries of excellence.

Six of We Care India partner hospitals in India have been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) USA, the Internationally Accredited Hospitals in India. An accredited hospital assures the best practices in a safe environment and that the patient is in "safe" hands. JCI accreditation is the Gold Standard for US and European hospitals as it reflects provision of the highest levels of patient care and patient safety.

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medical tourism in india

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Medical Tourism in India
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