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Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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BMHR Surgery in india

Birmingham Mid Head Resection prosthesis is an advancement in the BHR and will expand the indications for hip resurfacing surgery. Birmingham Mid Head Resection prosthesis (BMHR) helps advanced aged patients to have Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.

The BMHR has specifically been designed for patients who have weaker bone in the head of the femur. In the BMHR more of the weak bone is resected and is replaced with metal. This will dramatically increase the range of patients who can have this surgery. X-ray wise it looks almost like the BHR but the amount of bone removed is more. Thus the risk of fracture in post-op is reduced or eliminated for borderline patients.

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What Is the BIRMINGHAM HIP* Resurfacing Device ?

Your hip is a socket and ball joint where the thighbone and pelvis come together. As your leg moves, the ball of your thighbone (called the femoral head) moves and rotates against the socket portion of your pelvic bone (called the acetabulum). If your hip joint is diseased due to certain kinds of arthritis, or previous damage, it will become less functional and more painful over time. When your hip pain increases to the point that it can not be helped by usual measures such as pain medicine and exercises (physical therapy) and your ability to move your hip decreases, affecting your ability to do your daily activities, it may become necessary to surgically replace the hip joint.

There is also Mid Head Resection Prosthesis with a more stout stem than the BHR stem. It is referred to as "Resurfacing Plus" or "BHR Mid-Stem." For those who require the old gold standard Total Hip Replacement Smith & Nephew has the BHR deep stem. The Mid-Stem and the Deep-Stem are currently available at only five centres around the world.

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Hip Resurfacing Complications Surgery in india

Hip resurfacing involves a replacement of the joint's articular surface only. A total hip replacement, or arthroplasty, on the other hand, involves surgical removal of the neck of the femur (thighbone) and insertion of a stem deep inside the bone to connect with the pelvic socket and liner.

Before having a hip resurfacing there are certain things you should understand regarding the surgery. This information is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but our aim is to make you aware of the more severe and more common complications seen in Orthopaedic surgery.

As with all surgery, there are certain risks and complications. Orthopaedic surgery is surgery related to bones and joints. It often requires prolonged anaesthesia and occasionally requires blood transfusion. As with any surgery there is always a possibility of major complications and complications can be life threatening. Although the incidence of these risk factors is low, each patient needs to be informed of the possible complications prior to surgery.

What are the benefits of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure ?

While all forms of hip replacements allow improved mobility, hip resurfacing more closely mimics the normal hip. After having a total hip replacement, it is difficult to return to active sports, as only light activity is recommended. In contrast, patients have run marathons and continued high levels of activity after hip resurfacing.

In addition to bone conservation, another significant benefit of the new procedure is faster recovery time. Most patients are able to start walking with the use of crutches just two days after the procedure. Patients who follow the recommended rehabilitation process can expect to ride a bike three to six months after surgery, and start running after a year. The risk of hip dislocation is considerably less than with a total hip replacement. The end result is a quicker return to a normal, active lifestyle.

Jennings states, Patients have been extremely interested and receptive to this procedure because of the bone conserving aspect of hip resurfacing. However, an unexpected benefit has been the extremely rapid recovery time after hip resurfacing. My latest patient who underwent hip resurfacing saw me 16 days post-operatively and was walking without assistive devices (crutches and walker) and had no limp or pain. While I can't promise that for all patients, I have not seen such a rapid recovery after 11 years of performing total hip replacements.

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hip surgery in india

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