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Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Hip Resurfacing Surgery in india

Hip Resurfacing Surgery (BHR Surgery) has come as a boon for younger patients, resulting in very little bone loss and almost normal unrestricted movements and functions following this procedure.

Hip resurfacing is a surgical procedure (a form of arthroplasty) which has been developed as an intervention alternative to total hip replacement (THR). The potential advantages of hip resurfacing include less bone removal (bone preservation), a potentially lower number of hip dislocations due to a relatively larger femoral head size, and possibly easier revision surgery for a subsequent total hip replacement device because a surgeon will have more bone stock available to work with. The potential disadvantages of hip resurfacing are femoral neck fractures (rate of 0-4%), aseptic loosening, and metal wear.

If you are suffering from hip arthritis you may prefer a hip resurfacing to a hip replacement. In this modern alternative to hip replacement, only the worn out surfaces of the hip joint are replaced.
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Hip Resurfacing is a bone preserving operation as most of the head and neck portion of the top end of the femur bone is retained. The head and neck portion of the femur bone is sculpted to a cylindrical stump and not chopped off. A metal ball like cap is fixed with cement over this cylindrical stump. On the socket side also, the worn out lining is scraped out and a metal implant or shell is impacted. Conversion to a hip replacement after resurfacing is easy as most bone is preserved.

The surface components are made of metal, either Metasul or Cobalt chrome. The outer side of the socket is lined with either a porous metal or hydroxyapatite coating. The components match the normal size of the natural bone and are of larger.

hip surgery in india
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Advantages of Hip Resurfacing Surgery in india

  • Femoral head is preserved.
  • Femoral canal is preserved and no associated femoral bone loss with future revision. Also, the risk of microfracture of femur with uncemented stem implantation is eliminated.
  • Larger size of implant "ball" reduces the risk of dislocation significantly.
  • Resurfacing patients are more likely than total hip replacement patients to recover a natural gait.
  • Stress is transferred in a natural way along the femoral canal and through the head and neck of the femur. With the standard THR, some patients experience thigh pain as the bone has to respond and reform to less natural stress loading.
  • Use of metal rather than plastic reduces osteolysis and associated early loosening risk.
  • Use of metal has low wear rate with expected long implant lifetime.

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Risks of Hip Resurfacing

  • There is some risk of the femoral neck breaking. This risk can be nearly eliminated by proper patient selection, correct angle of implantation of the device and avoiding notching the neck when preparing the femoral head in surgery.
  • Lack of long-term track record. Current device has only been used for about 10 years.
  • Despite known low wear rate, longevity and longterm effects of wear debris are unknown.
  • For some surgeons, the procedure has a longer surgical time. The procedure requires somewhat more skill of surgeon. Because of this, a learning curve" has been documented where it is common for a surgeon to have more complications in his first series of patients.

List of hip Resurfacing Surgeries offered in india

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hip surgery in india

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