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Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Uncemented Total Hip Replacement Surgery in india

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During the last 20 years almost 3000 uncemented total hip replacements have been used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The development of an axially located prosthesis is outlined, and the causes of failure indicated.

Uncemented prostheses have the advantage of a relatively low mortality and morbidity and the rate of infection in particular is low. Interface pain, with or without frank prosthetic loosening, is the commonest cause of failure, but revisional surgery is relatively easy, and usually successful. Loss of function without significant pain may occur after many years from distal migration of the femoral component. The development of an uncemented metal-on-plastic joint has produced better short-term results than the metal-on-metal articulation, probably because of its lower frictional coefficient and the use of a wider range of pelvic and femoral components.

One of the relatively recent changes in cement and arthroplasty is that a multitude of cements are available on the market. Although the durability of well-made cement mantles around implants is fairly consistent among cements, the products differ in terms of viscosity, working time, and setting. A surgeon must know the details of the particular cement he or she intends to use, as it will influence the cement technique. Working time and setting time vary among the different cements. Data have shown that different types of femoral stems should be inserted with different types of cements.

Therefore, a surgeon who uses a smooth stem should use cement with a longer doughy phase, whereas a surgeon who uses a rougher stem should use cement with a longer liquid phase. Failure to appreciate the working characteristics of the different cements can potentially lead to complications during the surgery.

The efficacy of a type of uncemented total hip replacement was compared with that of a hybrid total hip replacement in which an uncemented acetabular and a cemented femoral component were used. Twenty-five patients who had had a hybrid total hip replacement were matched, by age, weight, sex, and diagnosis, with twenty-five patients who had had an uncemented total hip replacement.

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hip surgery in india
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Causes For Hip Replacement

There are many conditions that can result in degeneration of the hip joint (image). Osteoarthritis is perhaps the most common cause for hip replacement surgery. This condition is commonly referred to as "wear and tear arthritis". Osteoarthritis can occur with no previous history of injury to the hip joint - the hip simply "wears out". There may be a genetic tendency in some people that increases their chances of developing osteoarthritis.
The patient's bone grows directly onto the stem and socket, encouraged by the coating with manufactured bone minerals. The bone then fuses with the new hip components. This bond is very strong and furthermore prevents the loosening process meaning a redo operation due to loosening is a rarity.

Newer Developments In Hip Replacement Surgery in india

The major problems with standard hip replacements are: wearing out of plastic sockets, loosening of the bond between the implant and bone (either cemented or un-cemented). In time the cement can crack, directly resulting in loosening.

Secondly, the body reacts to minute fragments of cement, plastic or metal, and attempts to remove them, but unfortunately the process also removes bone adjacent to the particles, leaving the bone structurally weakened. If the implant loosens, a second surgery may become necessary to reattach it. There has been much research into the loosening problem. It was widely believed that the solution was to eliminate the cement. This led to the development of the:

Cementless Hip Replacement in which the surface of the metal parts is porous, and looks like coral. Bone can grow into the metal pores and bond the implant to the bone without the use of cement. There are many manufacturers and many brands of hip replacement implants. Some designs have had a very poor track record. Fortunately Dr. Huddleston has never used the Sulzer hip implants which had a high rate of failure, or Zimmer's Durom Socket which has also recently been in the news because of a high rate of failure.

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hip surgery in india

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