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Spine Surgery in India

Disc Bulge Surgery in India

What is a Disc?

Bulging Spinal Disc Surgery India, Cost Spinal Disc Surgery Delhi India, Disc Bulge Surgery, Cervical Disc Bulge Surgery, Disc Bulge SurgeryThe Spine is made up of the vertebrae (the bones making up the Spine), which have cartilage discs between them. The discs consist of a circle of connective tissue with a central gel-like core. This makes the spine flexible and at the same time acts as a protective buffer.

In the centre of this column of vertebrae and discs is the spinal canal, which contains the spinal cord and it continues as a bundle of nerve fibres called the cauda equina stretching down towards the sacrum. Between each vertebra, the spinal cord has nerve root connections to other parts of the body.

The Spine is divided into three parts in India : -

  • Neck (Cervical Vertebrae)
  • Chest (Thoracic Vertebrae)
  • The Lower Back (Lumbar Vertebrae).
  • The Spine is connected to the ribs at the chest.

What is a Slipped Disc?

A slipped disc is when the soft part of the disc bulges through the circle of connective tissue. This prolapse may push on the spinal cord or on the nerve roots. However, it is worth noting that 20 per cent of the population have slipped discs without experiencing any noticeable symptoms.

The term 'slipped disc' does not really describe the process properly - the disc does not actually slip out of place, but bulges out towards the spinal cord.

Bulging disk, also known as a Contained Spinal Disorder, is a condition that occurs usually in spinal or lumbar region, lower back and in few cases witnessing with neck region. It commonly occurs as the human body ages and with the increase in age degeneration of inter vertebral disk occurs. Disks are soft material that engulfs the vertebrae of spinal chord and provides a cushioning support. When the disc moves out of its normal location or radius bulging disk occurs.

To understand the phenomenon of bulging disk, we have to understand the anatomy and physiology of intervertebral disc.

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Intervertebral Disc in India

Spinal chord is encased by spine made up of intervertebral discs whose primary function is supporting the body weight. The repeated daily stress over time results in degeneration of the disc. Each vertebra of a spine contains intervertebral disc. The stress of every day movements is transferred to these discs. They act as shock absorbers to absorb any kind of impact and provide a cushioning support.

A healthy intervertebral disc contains a great amount of water in its center known as nucleus pulposus. This water content provides a spongy behavior to disc. An excessive pressure or injury can be harmful for the structure of outer ring of ligament covering nucleus pulposus. This ligament is better known as annulus.

What is the cause of a Slipped Disc?

Many factors increase the risk for slipped disc : -

  1. lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, lack of regular exercise, and inadequate nutrition substantially contribute to poor disc health.
  2. As the body ages, natural biochemical changes cause discs to gradually dry out affecting disc strength and resiliency.
  3. Poor posture combined with the habitual use of incorrect body mechanics, hard physical labour(delivery) can place additional stress on the spine.

Combine these factors with the effects from daily wear and tear, injury, incorrect lifting, or twisting and it is easy to understand why a disc may herniate. A herniation may develop suddenly or gradually over weeks or months.

Treatment in India

The treatment of bulging disc can be of two types.

  1. Conservative treatment - According to the assessment of seriousness and severity of the pain treatment is decided. Some problems need an immediate medical attention while others do require a plenty of rest with a supplement of anti inflammatory, analgesic pain killers like cortisones. In some cases, if the protrusion of disc is much more in the spinal canal then the surgery is required. The treatment is aimed at making the patient comfortable as quickly as possible, getting him/her back to normal state in a time bound carefully designed rehabitation program to reduce further wear and tear of the disc.

  2. Rest - Rest plays the most important role in the treatment of bulging disc. In most of the cases, a complete, sound rest is what your body is craving for. It is used to reduce the stress and pressure off your spine. Sometimes a placement of pillow under knees can help a lot. Although, rest is most important parameter you should not get stucked with a complete bed rest and should try to return to normal activities gradually. Rest combined with a small amount of recommended exercises can do wonder.

  3. Physical Therapy - In most of the cases a physical therapy proves of immense help in rehabitation program. Workout with an expert physical therapist helps in reducing inflammation and pain, improving and rebuilding your strength, and returning back to normal activities with a greater ease. A well rounded physical therapy is aimed at controlling symptoms, practicing mobility and safe exercises. In case of patient suffering from back pain gradual physical exercises is the best way to combat the pain. It also teaches you to maintain a correct posture to offer maximum rest and less stress to spine.

  4. Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) - They are used as pain killers. They are of great help to control inflammation.

A bulging disc though common in old ages, it is not necessary that everyone will experience the pain associated with it. Only when intervertebral disc extents towards spinal canal, pain arises.

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