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Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Spine Surgery in India

Other Spine Conditions in India

What is spinal Conditions ?

Spinal Treatment India, Price Spinal Treatment Bangalore India,Spinal Conditions India, Spinal Conditions Symptoms, Spine Problems, Back Problems, Spine Problems, Lumbar Spinal Conditions, Patient Resources, Spinal Conditions SurgeryArthritis of the spine can be a very painful and debilitating problem that often affects individuals 40 or older. If left untreated, it can lead to physiological problems such as muscle breakdown or weakness, as well as psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. Sometimes, a person with arthritis of the spine can suddenly suffer excruciating pain that will keep him or her bedridden and unable to perform normal daily activities.

we know that back pain, neck pain and other spine conditions can hold you back from living a normal life. Each person's pain is different and it is our goal to provide you the individualized care that you need. We provide a wide range of treatment options for the following list of common conditions as well as many other complex diseases.

Following Spinal Condions Offers in We Care India : -

  • Cervical Pain
  • Slipped Disc

Lumbar Spine Surgery in India

Lumbar spinal surgery is performed for the correction of problems in spinal bones, disks, vertebrae, and the nerves connected to the lower back or the lumbar spine. This surgery is performed on the lower back.

The lumbar spine has five pieces (vertebrae) stacked like bricks one on top of another. The "bricks" are called the bodies. The lumbar spine sits on top of the sacrum. The sacrum also has five segments numbered S1 to S5 but in the adult these five bones are joined together and do not contain discs. Likewise, the coccyx has four pieces but is one bone in the adult, and is also called the tailbone.

Between each vertebra there are three joints - the disc between the bodies at the front, and two smaller facet joints at the back. The nerves run down together in the spinal canal between the discs at the front and facet joints behind, and then at each level leave the bony spine through holes called the intervertebral foramina (single = foramen, meaning window). Outside the spine, the lumbar and sacral nerves join together to form the large sciatic nerve, which runs down the lower limb.

spine-surgery in india
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Cervical Spine Surgery in India

T he goal of cervical spine surgery is to relieve pain, numbness, restore nerve function and stop or prevent abnormal motion in the spine. Your surgeon does this by removing a disc or a bone and fusing the vertebrae together with a bone graft either in front of or behind the spine.

The bone graft may be one of two types : an autograft or an allograft.

Sometimes metal plates, screws or wires are also used to further stabilize the spine. These techniques are called instrumentation. When the vertebrae have been surgically stabilized, abnormal motion is stopped and function is restored to the spinal nerves.

Surgery can be a really scary prospect. If you need to go through a surgical procedure, just the thought that your health warrants such an event is scary in itself. Then, you think of what may happen during the procedure, and your fear rises even more. Sometimes, no matter how afraid you are, it is just better to go through with the surgery. If you neck is badly out of shape, causing you a lot of severe, chronic pain, then you may need to consider going through with cervical spine surgery.

Thoracic Spine in India

The thoracic spine is located between the cervical spine (above) and the lumbar spine (below). This area is commonly called the mid back, middle back or upper back. The normal thoracic region has a kyphotic curve or "C" shape. The ribs connect to the thoracic area creating a protective cage for the internal organs.

The thoracic region is comprised of 12 vertebrae named T1 through T12. The intervertebral discs in this area are slightly thinner than in the lumbar region, but thicker than in the cervical area.

The thoracic region is designed for stability and protection, not for individual vertebral level movement. There is less chance of injury, herniation or degeneration in the discs of the thoracic area. Injuries to the thoracic spine are usually from significant trauma, such as a car accident.

Upper back muscle pain conditions are far more common than bone or disc injuries to the mid back area. These often include nerve issues in the brachial plexus, such as thoracic outlet syndrome.

List of other Spine Conditions offered in India

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spine-surgery in india

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